Sara is way more than click bait. She's a strategic, concept-driven creative.

The secret to her sauce?

Apart from being an arbiter of what’s cool, she’s got a killer sense of humor and the natural ability to have fun with any project. She’ll help your company find new customers that just can’t get enough, while doubling down as the visionary/creative shaman/client whisperer your creative team needs.  

With experience behind-the-scenes and on-camera, Sara concepts an entire story to tell. She has worked alongside CEOs and CMOs on global product launches, and interviewed the likes of Zoe Kravitz and Best Coast's Bethany Cosentino. Her writing, art direction, and photography have even appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle Newspaper, where she has been a regular contributor to the Style section for the past five years.

Presently, Sara can be found balancing a client roster that spans global brands like Uber, Levi’s, and HP, to prestige brands like Sephora, Bare Minerals, and more.

Sara holds a Master of Fine Arts in Journalism from Academy of Art. In 2017, she completed a certificate in Leadership and Business Strategy from Harvard Business School through an Uber sponsored employee education program. In her spare time she runs a networking and politically like-minded women's group called San Francisco Women's Group. 

To answer your first question—yes. Sara is writing her own bio in the third person. I'm like David Blaine, just as creepy too.