Adulting Can wait 


The months of May and June signify a time for college kids to walk down the aisle into adulthood. So how can Uber grab new grads’ attention and make them think of their app as the go-to transportation option for all their summer adventures?

Insight: The end of college is an exciting time, but it also marks a shift in gears. Students leave behind the cool, “chill,” college student and have to transform

into a 9-5 young professional. 

So let’s talk to new grads where they hang out most: Snapchat, Instagram, and (some are still on) Facebook. Through a series of paid social media videos we can poke fun at the natural friction experienced when graduates have to start #adulting. 



Get a 🔥playlist together because tonight you and your boos need to have one last jam sesh #AdultingCanWait 🚫#ClassOf2017



Request a late night Uber ride for one last food run 🙅‍♀️#AdultingCanWait 🙅‍♀️



Video 4: After Party

Graduation ✔️ Grad night ✔️ Morning after tacos ✔️#AdultingCanWait 😮🌮 #ClassOf2017

Video 3: Getaway 

Request a ride for one last epic adventure 😮 #AdultingCanWait