True Life: I wrote for a tv & games company

At GSN, I partnered with product managers, game and UX designers, to develop themes, characters, and marketing for new games in our suite of apps: Wheel of Fortune Slots, Solitaire TriPeaks, BASH Bingo, and more. I dabbled in TV marketing too, writing supporting digital ads for GSN original shows. My claim to fame during my tenure as a GSN writer? Hellevator. An original concept I pitched, which ended up being developed. Did I appear on it as a contestant? I'll tell you in person. 



Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 7.24.23 PM.png

Studio jackpot slots 

One of my all-time favorite games to develop, build, and launch was Studio Jackpot Slots. This game appeared for a limited time only in our top grossing mobile app, GSN Casino. I partnered with our game designer and product manager to develop two characters, Disco Dude and Far Out Farrah, who appear in the game and the in-app slides you see below.

Solitaire TriPeaks

My Nana's favorite GSN app! I wrote this new user flow for users, like my Nana, and all the other "hip grandparents" out there. This target demo made up GSN's second most popular mobile games app, Solitaire TriPeaks, which boasted around 192,000+ daily users in 2014. 

I also developed back stories for Tiki and Poi (his lovable dog, who gained a cult social media following). 

I created one of many, quick how-to play in-app tutorials with the analytics and design team. The challenge here? Explain how to play in as few words as possible (analytics had results that there was a big drop off when it was longer than 8 seconds to read). 

Welcome to the GSN Grand

Ready for glitz, jackpots, and VIP treatment? My team launched a new mobile games app, which we named, The GSN Grand Casino. Heather, your VIP Hostess below, was developed in partnership with our marketing insights team.  This in-app character, was requested by our most loyal users, who wanted to feel like they could visit an app and be catered to for being loyal players. I worked to develop (and name) Heather with the marketing, product manager, and design team.

Highlight: I spoke to Vanna White about Heather's character development and what makes a successful gameshow host pose.